The Docks and Piers Trust


The Docks and Piers Trust has agreed an initial five-year lease on Dock No1 with New City Vision and have secured a licence to operate the dock and bring the facility back into use for the repair and refurbishment of maritime vessels.

The Proposals

The proposals involve the reinstatement of Dock No1 for the repair and refurbishment of heritage maritime vessels. New City Vision is committed to returning the historic drydock to be a fully operational ship repair and maintenance facility in 2024.

Dock No1, nearest the river, was the first built between 1869 and 1875. It measures 168m long, 22m wide and 6.9m deep at high tide, which at the time was the deepest in Britain.

Feasibility studies to confirm that the dock can be brought back into use have already taken place and a licence has now been secured to operate Dock No1 and to bring the facility back to life.

To enable the use of the Dock for shipbuilding purposes once again, it is proposed that mobile cranes will operate from the area between Dock No1 and Dock No2 where the original tracked cranes sat.

The Handrails will be reinstated around the dock with a single chain at top level as per the original design. The original infrastructure within the dock, such as valves, culverts and pipework will also be brought back into use.

The Docks and Piers Trust has already identified several historic vessels which would benefit from refurbishment and repair at Govan. The TS Queen Mary is currently moored at the Science Centre and is intended to be repaired in Dock No1 and re-birthed on the Quayside at the Graving Docks.


An application for planning permission to bring the dock back into use is to be submitted by May 2023.