Central to our vision for the Docks as a vibrant attraction for the local community, the wider city population and tourists, is the development of a riverside park and greenspace.

In early 2023, Glasgow City council was awarded £2.4m from the Scottish Government’s Vacant and Derelict Land Investment Programme to help deliver the greenspace on the docks.

With the ultimate goals to transfer this element of the site into community ownership, we are delivered co-design workshops with Central Govan Action Plan (CGAP) to ensure that the community has an active role in shaping the design of this critical aspect of our proposal.

The Proposals

This main of objective of this project is to provide an area of open space at the riverside that is accessible to all. The riverside area will promote biodiversity, create new habitats and build and strengthen nature networks and the connections between them.

The conservation of the docks will underpin a landscaping approach to the public realm, and it is envisaged that the riverside area will significantly enhance the biodiversity of the site.

Consultation boards from our first workshop session can be viewed here.

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Riverside Park: Feedback

4. We have set out six principles for the Riverside Park:

Retained Vegetation, Biodiversity, Open space, Water’s Edge, Heritage, and Wellbeing.

Do you agree with them?

5. In your opinion, which is the most important of the six principles and which is the least important? Please number 1-6


To ensure that our vision for the Docks, as a thriving hub of activity for the community and city comes to fruition, input into the design proposals from the local community is essential.

Over the summer of 2023, we will be hosting a series of drop-in workshops for members of the public to inform the design proposals.

The first stage of this will allow members of the public to leave their feedback and suggestions with the project team, while the second will allow those interest to view informed proposals by the initial round of engagement.

In-person drop in events will be held on:

Thursday 25 May:

  • 14:30 – 16:30 – The Riverside Hall (29-31 Clydebrae St, Govan, Glasgow G51 2AJ)
  • 17:30 – 19:30 – The Pearce Institute (840-860 Govan Rd, Govan, Glasgow G51 3UU)

A second event will take place in early autumn.

The opportunity to submit feedback will remain open until Friday 30 June and Saturday 30 September respectively.