This webpage relates to the proposed residential development at Govan Graving Docks, Glasgow.

In December 2023, our planning application to build new homes on the southern boundary of the docks was submitted to Glasgow City Council.


This flagship project provides a once in a generation opportunity to create a vibrant and completely unique neighbourhood.

Situated along the southern edge of the site, the residentials proposals would create 304 new homes, taking up less than 20% of the overall site area, that will be designed and built to complement the heritage of the surrounding area, providing a natural extension to the Govan Community.

The new housing will provide high quality accommodation, resilient to the environmental conditions along the River Corridor, and complies with the highest environmental standards to provide low energy homes. In addition, the development will include a commercial unit, to serve the new and surrounding communities.

Following completion of the regeneration vision, it is intended that the remaining 80% of the site will be transferred to community ownership, empowering local stakeholders and fostering a sense of shared responsibility for the sustained development and enrichment of the Docks.

View the summary of our proposals here.


The application was submitted to Glasgow City Council in early December 2023 and it is anticipated that a decision will be reached on the proposals in late Spring/early Summer 2024.

If approved, it is likely that construction would start in 2025.